Establishment and start of company activity: Golestan Water and Wastewater Company (special shares) was registered in Gorgan Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office on 10/15/76 under number 1949 and on 10/15/76 with the transfer of property and assets and urban water facilities (and sewage disposal facilities) ) and the number of 16 cities and 106,013 water subscribers were formed from the previous companies and institutions and started working within the framework of the law on the establishment of water and sewage companies and the trade law. Subject and purpose of the company: According to the articles of association, the main activity of the company is the creation and operation of urban water distribution facilities, as well as the collection, transfer and treatment of sewage within the legal boundaries of the cities of the province, and investment in institutions and conducting research and training in related activities. And it will be approved by the Ministry of Energy. The use of all drinking water facilities is exclusively at the disposal of this company and it is managed by the board of directors elected by the public assemblies.
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